Voyager Cold Brew

The Best Cold Brew

We hand-select the highest quality beans, artisanally roast them, and make cold brew entirely fresh to order

The Voyager Difference

Organic Excellence

We believe that the foundation of great coffee begins with the beans themselves. That’s why we meticulously source only the finest organic, single origin coffee beans from around the world. These beans are grown with care and without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure, unadulterated coffee flavor.

Handcrafted Precision

Each batch of Voyager Cold Brew is a work of art, carefully handcrafted by our skilled team. From the grinding to the brewing process, every step is executed with precision to create a cold brew that is consistently exceptional.

Single Origin, Singular Flavor

We take pride in our commitment to single origin coffee. By sourcing beans from specific regions, we highlight the unique flavor profiles that arise from the terroir of each location. It’s a journey of discovery in every sip, as you explore the diverse tastes of coffee from different corners of the world.

Freshness is Key

Freshness is non-negotiable when it comes to great coffee. Our cold brew is freshly brewed to ensure that you experience the full spectrum of flavors, from the subtle notes to the bold richness, with every drop.


Customer reviews

I absolutely love Voyager Cold Brew coffee. I’m within walking distance. Their cold brew is delicious, with lots of different flavor options.

Nick Simmons

Amanda, Virginia Beach

Everything is delicious! The coffee is incredible. I highly recommend any of their nitro cold brews.

Maria Livingston

Julia, Virginia Beach

I usually drink my coffee black cause I need to, and it’s usually bitter. However, the black coffee from Voyager is really good. I had the regular Hawaiian.

Maria Livingston

Tremain, Virginia Beach

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